McBeth Commemorative USDGC Champion Roc

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Each disc has been individually inspected, stamped, and bagged. Discs are marked with a numbered holographic sticker that matches the corresponding certificate of authenticity. These discs have been cataloged in the official USDGC collector guide for easy reference.

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More about Thought Space Athletic’s stamp design:

Going into the final hole of the 2018 USDGC, Paul McBeth held onto a narrow lead of one stroke to James Conrad. After a smooth midrange off the tee, McBeth secured his second championship with a picture perfect up-shot parked for birdie.

It was that shot, McBeth told the team from Thought Space Athletics, that was the most iconic moment of his 2018 USDGC win.

So Thought Space founder/owner Aaron Wilmot said he and designer Tony Graystone worked-in the significance of that final hole in McBeth’s 2019 Commemorative USDGC Champion Roc.

On the disc, McBeth is seen following-through on his tee shot of Hole 18 as his disc starts to pass over the Winthrop Lake.

The two-color stamp, with McBeth and the outer border in one color and the rest of the design in another, really adds to the depth of the design and is the first USDGC two-color Roc with this much detail.

Wilmot, whose company in known for their intricately designed pieces, said they set out to achieve this cool effect for a Roc unlike any other.

“Multi-foil stamping is something we have been working with for a little bit now and it really adds a cool amount of depth and feel to hot-stamps which are typically just a one foil,” said Wilmot, who lives in Maine.

Thought Space’s first foray into USDGC Champion Rocs was last year’s XX Champion Roc, the first XXL Champion Roc.