Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Shark Fin Galactic XT Mako3

Everyone could benefit from more shark fin in their disc golf diet. That’s why we packed our Galactic XT Mako3 with enough nutritional fin to make your game extremely potent and bogey resistant.

*A Marm O. Set Design

How this batch of Galactic Mako3 feels: Flat like a sea slug. Galactic grip is very grippy in case you didn’t know already. Mind blowing color blends.

More about the stamp: Don’t be squeamish about alternative remedies. Large doses of Shark Fin Mako3 is proven to nourish your mid range game and provide quicker recoveries when your round is looking a little under the weather.

Other Mako3 Shark Fin benefits include:

  • Enhanced confidence in straight, hit-the-gap lines.
  • An excellent preventative measure for score rupture
  • Great for serving at special occasions like club championships

More about the disc: In the firm and durable XT plastic, the Mako3 is the perfect disc for straight flights with very limited fade. Players like the Mako3's glide for easy distance, and XT takes easy-to-grip to another level.