Shimmer S-Line FD2 (Reinvented)

91% of 100
The FD2 has been retooled, or as we at Discmania like to say, “Reinvented”. The first release of the Reinvented FD2 is in Shimmer plastic. Shiny in look and slightly softer than our standard S-Line in feel, the Shimmer FD2 will immediately become one of the most reliable discs in your bag. Throw it on a hyzer angle, even into a strong wind and it will stay on that angle. Ripping it flat and hard you will see some moderate distance with a possible a hint of turn before it strongly fights towards the ground. You can carve up some flex shots or “S shots” when throwing with an anhyzer angle.
*The Reinvented FD2 came out a little more on the overstable side in the Shimmer plastic, we do anticipate that the Shimmer version will be the most overstable Reinvented FD2.
All sales of this disc directly support the sole PDGA Major and the most competitive event on the European continent during 2018, the Konopiste Open. This highly prestigious event, located right next to Prague, Czech Republic, has a rich history in cooperation with Discmania and we’re happy to celebrate that with this very special first release of the reinvented FD2.