Simon Lizotte Glow C-Line MD4 (Crescent Falcon II)

93% of 100
The Crescent Falcon II is here and it is hungry for night rounds and parked shots. Simon Lizotte’s Signature Glow MD4 features the fastest bird on the planet soaring towards victory against the mystical backdrop of the crescent moon. The Crescent Falcon II tears down the field and is constantly on the hunt anytime day or night, preserving its title of deadliest bird in the sky. The MD4 is designed to give players a midrange that has a tried and true flight with a reliable fade at the end, optimizing distance control and dependability. Made in the always reliable Glow plastic, the Crescent Falcon II is sure to be a dominating addition to your bag.


The sky shudders as cracks begin to form on the skyline. Keep your eyes on the horizon as Discmania continues to add to the Signature Series.


Lower your score with the MD4! The much anticipated MD4 release is finally upon us. Let's just say it was worth the wait. This disc is the overstable brother of the MD3. The MD4 has a blunt nose with that standard MD3 micro-bead giving it a familiar feel in the hand. Not only is the MD4 overstable, but it also has a surprising amount of glide, allowing your shots to fade more while still maintaining predictability. Whether you're facing a stiff wind, looking for a controlled hyzer line, or throwing a nice touch sidearm, the MD4 has you covered. We find this disc to be much more versatile than most other overstable mid-ranges on the market due to the mix of stability and glide.

*Simon will receive a substantial portion of every Signature Series Crescent Falcon Glow C-line MD4 sold so help out your favorite player