Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Throw Pink Courage Halo Star Mirage

In disc golf and in life, how you see yourself determines so much. These Throw Pink Halo Mirage discs remind us to find the courage within ourselves no matter what we face.

**First Halo release for the Mirage!

Notice: Stamp Color Combinations will vary. Halo effect will vary.

How this batch of Halo Mirage feels: Noticeable dome. Smooth, sturdy grip. This disc is your ace in the hole.

More about the stamp: A big part of dealing with and recovering from cancer is the battle within. You may be weak on the outside but it's how you make yourself feel on the inside that can determine so much. In our Courage stamp design by Throw Pink Team Member Raven Klein, the cat may be small in stature, but she sees herself as a lioness full of courage. So much with cancer recovery and with life in general is how you view yourself.

Throw Pink's focus is not only on cancer but on helping women and girls with confidence, self-esteem, well-being, happiness, and reduced anxiety. Countless studies have shown the relationship between sports participation and higher self-esteem, well-being, happiness, and reduced anxiety.

More about the Halo Mirage: Low stress approaches are what this disc is all about. A low profile putter, The Mirage is easy for beginners to throw straight and perfect as an all-around disc. Easiest disc for turnover approaches and delicate finesse shots. Great disc for women!

Disc Model Flight Numbers: 3 / 4 / -3 / 0

Throw Pink events around the globe raise funds for women's health-related charities. Visit for details.