Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Throw Pink Snake Mandala Star Mamba

The Snake Mandala Star Mamba combines two of Throw Pink’s favorite designs from recent years into something that’s simultaneously beautiful and fierce.

**A Justin Lago 2-Color Design

How this batch of Star Mamba feels: Noticeable dome in most discs. Lighter weights have less dome. Big time Star grip. Just what you want.

More about the stamp: The Mandala and the Battle Queen Mamba were both successful Throw Pink stamp designs from the last few years. And that got us thinking. What if we were to create a mashup of sorts that contained the detailed intricacy of the Mandala, but also exhibited the primal power of the Battle Queen. Enter the Snake Mandala Mamba.

More about the Innova Mamba: No Innova driver is as easy to turnover as the Mamba. For those with average power the Mamba produces effortless anhyzers and is an excellent roller option. For beginners or those with low power it’s a great long, straight option.

More about Throw Pink: Throw Pink is a collection of disc golf events across the country with the purpose of encouraging women and girls to get out and be more physically active. Throw Pink also raises money for women’s health initiatives including breast cancer prevention and awareness.