USDGC Champion Roc "Bird of Prey"

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Each disc has been individually inspected, stamped, and bagged. Discs are marked with a numbered holographic sticker that matches the corresponding certificate of authenticity. These discs have been cataloged in the official USDGC collector guide for easy reference.

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More about Thought Space Athletics’ stamp design:

In mythical folklore, the massive Roc bird, was a feared creature with an unrelenting pursuit of its prey. In disc golf, the Roc disc is a most formidable midrange with an unrelenting pursuit of the basket.

For their latest USDGC Champion Roc design, the team from Thought Space Athletics decided to blend those two notions. As you’ll see in their depiction, their Roc bird is massive in size and has a look about it like it would blast through a mountainside to get to its next meal.

In place of an elephant or an unfortunate sailor, the Roc bird is clutching a few strands of disc golf target chains, as if it had just hunted them down after an arduous pursuit. You’ll also notice the battle-worn beak of the bird, which can also relate to the Roc disc. Though it may have some dings and chips, the Roc disc will still fly true as it hunts down the birdies you and it crave. “Adding little nuances and character to the design such as the battle-worn beak, we feel added just enough history to the Roc to get the mind going,” said Thought Space founder/owner Aaron Wilmot.

With Thought Space Athletics doing the last 3 USDGC Roc designs, this span in USDGC Roc history will have their signature all over it. Wilmot said he and designer Tony Graystone are honored to be a part of this piece of disc golf history. “The USDGC is a gem of an event that spans many years and to be able to participate as much as we have over the last year has truly been special,” said Wilmot.