Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Whisker Throttle Color Glow DX Polecat


Perhaps you were unaware that the Innova Polecat’s alter ego is a hellraising, tire-smoking, balls-to-the-wall son of a gun. It’s true and to better illustrate the Polecat’s more colorful side, we came up with this Whisker Throttle Color Glow DX Polecat design.

Run Details: 165-175 have minimal to modest dome while 160-164 gram discs have noticeable dome. Unbeatable DX grip and feel. These Polecats are what your glow rounds have been missing.

But wait, there’s more! Every disc will be bagged and come with a limited-edition Whisker Throttle Polecat holographic sticker.

More about the stamp: For much of its life, the Polecat flew under the radar of most disc golfers. Artist Marm O. Set actually avoided the disc for years, thinking it wasn’t serious sports equipment.

But, “After one of my buddies let me throw his for a round, I was instantly hooked and I’ve been throwing them nonstop for the last 15 years,” said Marm O. Set.

Now a vocal supporter of the Polecat, Marm O. Set worked with us to create a more bad-ass Polecat character to help share the polecat gospel of straight flying, neutral approach shots.

By day it’s a mild-mannered approach disc …

A spin-off of a design Marm O. Set did on his own where a Polecat is heroically “disemboweling basket monsters,” our Whisker Throttle Polecat continues this battle, now with a piece of chain entrail from a basket monster in one paw and a grasp of a flaming dirt bike in another. All while circling through a tornado (Just a typical Tuesday evening for our Whisker Throttle Polecat).

More about the Polecat disc: It’s high time you tried the DX Polecat. If the Mako3 had a putter cousin, the Polecat would be it. Very straight. Very neutral flyer. However, it still has enough fade to keep it from being a total push over. Great for short to medium tight, tunnel approaches. It even maintains your straight line for medium power drives.

Why you should buy this disc:  Whether it was the original cute n’ cuddly stamp, or maybe the simple feel of the disc, or just the name itself, the Polecat never received its due. However, with all of the attention the disc is getting from the Halo Polecat phenomenon, people are finally realizing this disc is serious business and can seriously help your short game.

The Polecat revolution has begun.