XXL Star Valkyrie Throw Pink Edition

Notice: Stamps will be randomly picked, unless otherwise indicated in the item Notes.

Throw Pink is all about empowering women, so when it came to a new Throw Pink inspired XXL disc, the Valkyrie was the perfect fit.

Named after the revered female figures from Norse mythology, the Valkyrie disc – with its neutral flying characteristics – has been a perennial favorite for both women and men.

More about this batch:

  • Durable, high performing Star Plastic
  • Noticeable dome, but not atypical of Valkyrie. 


The goal was to create an empowered female character that was worthy of Valkyrie name. That’s definitely the case here.

More on Throw Pink:

$2 from each purchase supports Throw Pink's initiatives to encourage more women and girls into a lifetime of healthy recreation through the game of disc golf. Throw Pink events around the globe raise funds for women's health-related charities. Visit Throwpink.com for details.