Bushnell Disc Golf Rangefinder

Tired of guessing distances to the basket or that perfect landing spot? The Bushnell Disc Golf Rangefinders eliminate all the guesswork. The instant readout will give you the confidence to make every shot your best.

We have 2 Rangefinder models that work great for disc golf: Bushnell EDGE (White) & Bushnell Sport 850 (Black).

Each model features: 

  • Scan Mode:Get a quick, accurate lay of the land to see where to go and which obstacles to avoid (updates distances 4x per second).
  • Angle Indicator: View your angle of attack in degrees relative to your target. 
  • Once Button Simplicity: Press once to power and again to range once. Holding the button down when powering on will get you the menu where you can change your measurement value.
  • 2X Brighter for dim conditions: Get a clear view of your target even in heavily wooded holes.
  • Batteries included
  • Reliable: Accurate to within 3 feet.

More about the EDGE Rangefinder

The EDGE Rangefinder offers Z-mode technology, which displays the elevation of the target you are ranging relative to your position. It gives you precise height readings of baskets or large uphill or downhill shots that are tough to gauge without this technology.

*Ranges in Feet or Meters.

*Max Range 900 feet.

For more detailed info on the EDGE Rangefinder visit the offical Bushnell manual. 

More about the Sport 850 Rangefinder

The Sport 850 Ranges in Feet, Meters, and Yards

*Max Range 900-1000 feet. 

For more detailed info on the Sport 850 Rangefinder visit the official Bushnell manual.