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Stock Disc Promo: get 10% off all stock discs when you buy any combination of 3+.

Champion Wombat3

86% of 100

Anyone who struggles to remain on the straight and narrow should seek help from the super user friendly Innova Champion Wombat3.

How the Wombat3 disc feels: A taller shoulder separates it from a Mako3. It’s medium sized, convex shaped rim is easy to handle. Large bead too. Dome can range from pretty flat to noticeable.

Wombat3 Flight Numbers: 5 / 6 / -1 / 0

How the Wombat3 flies: The Wombat3 is moderately understable large diameter mid range disc that flies straight and stays flying for a long time with its hefty glide. Though off the radar of many golfers, the Wombat3 will get your attention after experiencing its versatility and ease of use. Just when you think this disc is going to fade to the ground, it glides some more. Great way to extend your approach shots to the green.

Champion plastic is among Innova’s most durable plastics. Expect years of use with little change in flight characteristics. However, it is also among Innova’s least grippy plastics. In terms of stability, Champion plastic is among Innova’s most overstable plastics.

Great for:

  • Long, slow turnovers
  • Uphill, precise shots
  • Hyzer flips and late turning medium length drives
  • Go-to woods mid range

How will I throw it?: Beginners will take to this disc right away, experiencing only a moderate amount of fade to start with. Intermediates can enjoy hyzer flips and easy anhyzers with its cooperative turnover flight. Advanced golfers may have too much power for a straight flight, but will have ample opportunity for turnovers or rollers.