Take your business to the next level with the DGU Marketplace


What is the DGU Marketplace?

The DGU Marketplace was created with small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind. Starting and running an online business can be daunting, especially when you have a niche product in a niche sport to boot. We’ve been there and done that. And we want to offer you the fruits of our labor. The DGU Marketplace is like Amazon, but specifically for disc golf. Our goal is to partner with brands, startups, and individuals just like you to help grow your business and bring your products to disc golfers everywhere. Skip the trial and error by tapping into our website, tools, and audience.

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone! However, we’ve found that the DGU Marketplace is an ideal fit for smaller or niche disc golf brands looking for a turnkey solution to online retail or who are looking to tap into a bigger audience.

Why is the Marketplace needed?

Disc golf is a rapidly growing industry. Everywhere you look, new products and services related to the sport are popping up. However, getting your foot in the retail door can be costly and time consuming.


Here’s a brief comparison of some of the main advantages of the DGU Marketplace vs. going solo.


Essentials DIY DGU

Big $$$

(Web design, Ecommerce platform, Monthly Hosting, Payment Processor Setup & Fees, & more)


More $$$

(premium features, site optimization, standards compliance, mobile friendliness, add-ons, & widgets)


(We’re adding new features and enhancements every single month - you & your customers benefit automatically)


Uphill Battle!

Starting with 0 customers and/or followers is a long row to hoe and requires constant effort & maintenance.

Thousands of potential customers Instantly! Benefit from the fan base DGU has been growing since 2005. See stats below...

To infinity, & beyond…

That’s how much time you’ll be spending, as you start and maintain your website and social presence.


The only time you spend with DGU is loading your products and fulfilling your orders. And we’ll even help you with the first one.


You’re who again?

Building trust and reputation takes time and consistent effort.


We’ve built a reputation money can’t buy. We take care of our customers and back every order. Partnering with us = instant credibility.


How does it work?

  1. Schedule an introductory call to find out if your brand and product(s) is a good fit. Email store@discgolfunited or call 800.339.2259
  2. If you’re approved as a DGU Marketplace Vendor, we’ll set up your account and do a quick program demo so you can hit the ground running.
  3. List your items on the DGU Marketplace.
  4. Sell Stuff. Ship Orders. Make Money! BOOM!!!

Check out our Vendor Guide for more nuts and bolts on this program:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HJRes3SKAUHhtDFNsWVHz1CWqPNvf1RAxs3iz2BXfqM/edit?usp=sharing


Like numbers? Here’s some DGU stats to chew on…

  • Email List: 30,000+ (with 500+ new subscribers per month)
  • Text Message (SMS) subscribers: 3,000 & growing fast
  • Instagram: 26,000+ followers (with nearly 1000 new followers per month on average)
  • Facebook: 22,000+ followers
  • Combined Average Monthly Social Media Reach: 300k+
  • Tiktok: More than 59,200 video views per day.
  • Google: 24,000+ average daily organic impressions
  • 50,000+ average unique monthly website visitors
  • 250,000+ average monthly page views

Marketplace Benefits!

  • Unlimited product listings
  • Vendor Dashboard
  • Sales Tax managed by DGU
  • Cross Traffic from DGU and other vendors
  • Free Marketing Campaign included (take another look at those stats up there ^)
  • Consultation with a team of Ecommerce experts
  • Future website & Marketplace updates & features


17% commission per sale - everything included for one simple rate (includes payment processing fees).

Curious? Take a look at some of our existing vendors:


Vendor Testimonial

"Our partnership with the DGU Marketplace has been great for Disc Golf Pins! It gives our small business a new reach into the disc golf community that we didn’t have access to before. We’d highly recommend it! "

– Nina Everson, Disc Golf Pins