Innova Sportsack Grip

100% of 100

Every shot comes down to confidence. With Innova’s disc golf grip enhancer from Sportsack you’ll step up to each drive, approach or putt ready to execute.

Sportsack Grip Model uses a clay based drying agent to add the perfect amount of residue to your hands. The bag is wrapped in ultra-moisture wicking material, making it their best hand moisture control bag yet.

Measurements: 5” X 3.5”


  • Comes in a resealable plastic bag for storage
  • Does not leave behind a chalky dust or messy residue

Weight: 97 grams

How to use: When you’re in need of a grip boost. Roll / squeeze the bag in your hands for a few seconds and your fingers will be left with a chalky, tacky grip.

Great for:

  • Wet rounds
  • Sweaty hands during hot rounds

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