Electronic Hand Warmer + Power Bank

Winter disc golf is not for the faint of heart, especially the further north you are. Don’t bother with disposable hand warmers that can often be duds. The Innova Electronic Hand Warmer is compact, rechargable, and includes 3 Levels of heat to keep your hands warm and ready!

  •   Level 1: 104 degrees. Lasts ~ 3 hrs (times are approximate)
  •   Level 2: 122 degrees. Lasts ~ 2:15 hrs
  •   Level 3: 140 degrees. Lasts ~ 1:30 hrs

Phone running on empty? This device also doubles as a USB power bank to charge your phone or other electronic device.


  •   Rechargeable
  •   Aluminum housing
  •   5200 MAH battery capacity
  •   Weighs 135 grams each
  •   Includes micro USB charging cable