Innova In-Ground Tee Marker

When the ground will work as good as any other tee option, the Innova In-Ground Tee Marker provides a quick and easy tee pad that’s also very affordable and durable.

**Target parts can only be shipped to domestic customers at this time. 

Perfect for:

  • Temporary courses
  • Backyard holes
  • Additional tee positions to established holes
  • Drop zones

What you get:

  • 1 acrylic tee maker
  • 1 plastic stake

Size: 8” in diameter

Weight: 4 ounces.

How to use:

  1. Pound stake into place (Use rubber mallet to avoid breaking marker).
  2. Be careful not to pound the stake too deep or the marker will break.
  3. Once marker is set, peel film off.

**Once marker installed, the stake cannot be pulled out. (To remove you’ll need to dig out stake).

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