Ken Climo Swirly Star Wraith

Please note: These discs are produced in wide variety of color combinations, blends, swirls, and transitions, that may vary wiely in appearance and/or intensity. Since each disc is unique, the one you receive may differ from the pictured examples. Due to the many possible combinations, preferences may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. Discs may be randomly selected from our available stock.

This Tour Series edition of the Wraith is offered in our beautiful swirled Star Plastic. The Champ enjoys the Wraith and for good reason. The Wraith is a controlled distance driver that can be used for a wide variety of shots. These Wraiths are beautiful in the air or on the wall. Please note that each disc is unique and colors will vary from disc to disc. A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Ken Climo and his touring efforts.