Packed to Order

1. When you make a DGUstore order, the Innova Warehouse is opened up to you. You get to pick from the same selection that’s offered to hundreds of Innova Retailers.

2. We often offer cool exclusive releases, special fundraisers, test products and more.

3. Before we get started, every order is thoroughly digested by our crew to make sure we understand exactly what you’re looking for and what we choose meets your expectations.

4. If for some reason we can’t match your preferences 112%, we’ll contact you right away and review your options.

5. Every single disc gets the VIP treatment, lovingly wrapped in an individual plastic baggie to prevent scuffs during transport. Sure it takes extra time to bag every disc, but these beauties are worth it.

6. Every disc order will only be shipped in a tough and rugged box to prevent anything from happening to them. Even for only 1 disc. The box is then sealed with just the right amount of stuffing, to keep your items snug, but not too snug.

7. Lolli Time! We include a little something extra with every order just to make your experience a little sweeter as you relish your latest finds.

8. You will also get a personalized email with detailed tracking info so you can check in on your bundle of joy.


Here's your Reward

 9. Reward points

·    For every dollar you spend, you will earn 5 reward points.

·    300 pts: Create a new account

·    200 pts: Writing a product review on an item you purchased (must be approved by DGU, limit 2 per day. Must be logged into you DGU account to earn points)

·    100 pts: Share an item on Social media (limit 2 per day, 10 per month. Must be logged into you DGU account to earn points).

·    100 pts: Sign up for our email newsletter

10.  We offer a plethora of contests including our Weekly DGUnicorn Digital Giveaway, Monthly Contests, and our Instant Win Sweepstakes.

11. XXL. No other place for em’ 

12. Buy 4, Save More. When you purchase 4 of the same stock discs, you'll save 10%. 

Sweet Website Gizmos and Do-dads

13. Search the entire store with an incredibly powerful search bar w/ pics!
14. View live inventory of specialized items

15.  Add multiple versions of an item to your basket at the same time.
16. Instant checkout - if you're logged in, have a saved payment method and saved address, you can checkout in one click.
17. We have a freakin' blog where we share cool content

Registration Awesomeness

18. We can set up Online Payout for your event. Save yourself and players the hassle of dealing with plastic payout with this new feature.
19. We #love unicorns.