Ript Revenge Card Game

Ript Revenge - the cure for the common disc golf round. Could your casual disc golf round use some new life? Spice things up with the Ript Revenge card game.

The Basic Idea: Players seek to win holes, however what separates Ript from a round of skins, is that opponents can trip each other up by playing their Rip Revenge cards like:

  • “Force an opponent to throw a grenade on the upcoming drive or approach”
  • “Reposition an opponent’s lie by 30 feet …”
  • “Force an opponent to take the upcoming drive with his/her off hand”
  • And, many more.

It’s a great way to mix things up for your weekly disc golf group or to level the playing field for players of varying skill levels. Lots of fun and laughs!

Players: 2 to 4 


  • 54 Cards + 1 Rules Card
  • Cards also have generic suits, so they can be used as regular playing cards as well. 
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