Simon Lizotte C-Line P2 (Sky God)

The Discmania P2 is significantly more stable putter than our P1. Created specifically for professional level players, the P2 works great for spin putts and fade-in shots inside and outside the circle. Due to its stability, the P2 works great for approaches and tackles strong headwinds without flinching. It's also a very consistent driving putter. A long list of top level pros like Simon Lizotte rely on the P2 to get the job done.

In the world of Doom Birds and Crescent Falcons, there is one to rule them all: the Sky God. Specifically, the Discmania C-Line P2 Lizotte Sky God. With a little added stability, the C-Line P2 Lizotte Sky God is designed to rule the skies. It’s a fitting disc for someone who does unhumanly things on the course.

Next Level Flight
In order to bring a flight worthy of the ancient gods, the Sky God takes all the elements you love about the famed Discmania P2 and amplifies them. Get ready to put as much power as you can into the Sky God as these are even more overstable than previous runs. There is nothing this Sky God can’t handle.

Gemstone Level Colors
The Sky God comes in multiple color varieties, each named after legendary African gemstones:

Purple = Amethyst
Red = Ruby
Green = Emerald
Blue = Sapphire
Orange: Fire Opal
Yellow = Topaz
Clear = Diamond