Innova Plastics

Options. That’s what Innova plastics can provide you. Just about every Innova disc comes in a variety of plastics – allowing you to zero-in on the perfect disc for you.

So what are these plastics? Basically, there are four main types of Innova plastic: DX, Pro, Champion, and Star. However, there are several more sub varieties of each. But don’t get overwhelmed. Here's a quick look at all of the plastics that will get you up to speed. 

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DX | DX Glow | JK Pro | KC Pro | R-Pro | Pro | I-Dye Pro | XT |XT Overmold | Champion | I-Dye Champion | Blizzard Champion | Glow Champion | Metal Flake Champion | GStar | Star | Halo Star |

Video: Hear about the 4 main plastics from the inventor himself. Innova Co-Founder Dave Dunipace gives a quick rundown in this video:

Innova DX Plastic

DX is the plastic that turns people curious about disc golf into actual disc golfers and it’s the plastic where you’ll find the best beginner disc golf discs. Before you purchase discs in premium plastics try it in DX first.

More reasons to choose DX:

  • DX plastic has the widest range of Innova disc models
  • It’s the most affordable Innova plastic.
  • Little to no beat-in time. Get intended flight right out of box.

Grip: Among Innova's Best.

Durability: Great for beginners, but least durable.