Disc Golf Basket

A disc golf basket is essential to the game of disc golf. Made from sturdy metal, disc golf baskets are designed to catch plastic discs with their strands of metal chains during a round of disc golf. Disc Golf United has the complete lineup of baskets from Innova Disc Golf, the most trusted name in the game. Whether you are looking for professional grade permanent disc golf baskets used at courses or a portable disc golf basket for practice at home, or even a mini disc golf basket for fun in small spaces, there’s no other place to look.

Portable Disc Golf Basket

Traveler & Skillshot

Portable disc golf baskets work great at home as a practice basket or on the go. The light weight Innova Traveler and Skillshot baskets are a cinch to assemble and are just as easy to collapse and store. Innova Disc Golf knows a lot about the game including how to bring it with you wherever you go. 

**These baskets provide you with the best opportunity to practice at home.

DISCatcher EZ

The Innova Discatcher EZ is the best portable disc golf basket when it comes to pro level disc catching at a great price. Its steel construction and 24 chains give it that game-time feel, while it’s still light enough to move around the yard. Best yet, no tools are required for assembly. ***PDGA approved for tournament play.

The Innova EZ Portable Target is made from the following materials:

  • Cold-dip galvanized chains
  • Steel rod and plate construction

**Wanna become a better putter? Take a look at our blog story The Secrets to Effective Putting Practice. 


Portable Disc Golf Basket - Innova Discatcher EZ Target

DISCatcher Pro 28 Portable

Portable disc golf baskets don’t get any better than the Innova DISCatcher Pro28. With its 28 disc catching chains, 14 spoke basket and a highly visible top it’s the best basket on the market. This version provides the exact experience as the professional version you've seen on the course, except it has a portable pole and base. ***PDGA approved for tournament play. 

More about Practice Baskets: Still not sure which disc golf practice to get? Check out our blog that details each one.  

Permanent Disc Golf Baskets

DISCatcher Pro 28 Permanent

When it comes to permanent disc golf baskets, the Innova DISCatcher Pro 28 is the gold standard. The reason is simple: 28 disc grabbing chains and tough, long-lasting parts. Plus, the visible Innova top looks pretty darn good. Whether it’s for the backyard, the local course, or even a major disc golf championship, the Pro 28 is the permanent disc golf basket people buy when they want the best.

***PDGA Approved for tournament play.

***The Innova Discatcher Pro 28 Offical Disc Golf Basket of the US Disc Golf Championship

The DISCatcher Permanent Basket is made from the following materials:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Galvanized chains,
  • Hot-rolled, electro-galvanized and powder coated chain rack
  • Stainless steel hardware

Disc Golf Basket Dimensions - Pro 28 Size:

  • 4.5 feet tall 
  • 26 inches wide 
Permanent Disc Golf Baskets - Innova Discatcher Pro 28

DISCatcher Pro 28 Parts

When it’s time to replace a permanent disc golf basket part for the Innova DISCatcher Pro 28, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need an installation tube for a new pin setting or it’s time to replace a Target Top or basket cage, contact us first.

Mini Disc Golf Basket

You don’t have to have acres of land to play disc golf. With our Mini Disc Golf Baskets from Innova you can have big fun at a scaled-down size. Set up the disc golf mini basket in the yard for mini disc rounds or inside for some mini disc putting.

**Disc Golf Mini Baskets also work great for even trophies and gifts!

Mini Disc Golf Basket - Innova DISCatcher Mini Target