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Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

XXL Savage KC Pro Animal

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When you find yourself in the jungles of the course, slash through the rough with the Innova XXL Savage KC Pro Animal. Rare Breed! You don’t want to miss this release. It’s one of the first Animal releases in KC Pro plastic!

*** This Marm O. Set design features 3 Stamp Colors!

Notice: Stamp Color Combinations will vary!

Run Details: Smooth, firm KC Pro plastic. Thumtrac® rim. Minimal Dome. Significantly less domey than Star version. 

More about the Design:  One thing artist Marm O. Set achieved with this design was capturing the Animal creature’s ferocity. It is seemingly slicing through this KC Pro plastic canvas.

More about the Animal disc: Likened to a beat-in Rhyno, the Animal can achieve a straight flight with a mild hyzer release and exhibits a moderate turn when thrown flat. With its overstability and lack of glide, anny flex shots also come quite naturally to this disc.

3 Color Stamping: More than meets the eye: The incredibly clean and straight forward look may lead you to believe the 3 Color process is a simple one. However, since each disc is stamped three times, we assure you it’s anything but simple.

The key to pulling it all together, says Innova East Lead Stamper Alex Birmingham, is taking the time in the beginning to precisely set up the hot stamp machine. That way each successive stamp stays aligned with the overall design.

When it comes to choosing foils, he says its more than just about picking ones that contrast and look good. He has to also consider how the stamp foils interact with each other. Because some will stick to each other, and others won’t.

In case you were wondering, here’s the breakdown of the 3 Stamp Colors for the Animal:

  • 1 stamp color for the claws and part of the letter “A.”
  • 1 stamp color for the claw slashes and the other part of the letter “A.”
  • 1 stamp color for the word “Animal”, the outline and eye of the “A”, the claws’ outline, and stipple (tiny dot pattern).