2017 USDGC Glow Champion Roc "Champions Circle"

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fundraising nature of these discs, actual shipping will be applied to your order at checkout. 

The USDGC Champion Roc gets a taste of the hard-rockin’ 60’s in Les White’s latest stamp - created specifically for the 2nd USDGC Collector Series Roc release.
The stamp features a close-up of the Roc bird with its beak producing what must be bone-jarring shriek. Surrounding the bird in every way possible are the names of each USDGC champ.
White used a style of lettering and positioned the names in a way that summoned 60’s rock concert posters, many of which have become highly collectible just like the Roc. White said he developed the image from a combination of dreams and his own desire to fuse the vibe from the 60’s and the frisbee-throwin’ crowds of that time with disc golf of today. 

Each disc has been individually inspected, stamped, and bagged. Discs are marked with a numbered holographic sticker that matches the corresponding certificate of authenticity. These discs have been cataloged in the official collector guide for easy reference.

The USDGC will receive all proceeds from the sale of this disc. Thank you for your support.