2023 Pumpkin Color Glow Nexus Aviar

40% of 100

The disc golf spirit burns inside all of us. Same with our 2023 Innova Pumpkin (Color Glow Nexus Aviar) – except it'll take a few fire engines to extinguish its four-alarm blaze from within.

*** Orange color will vary in intensity.

How this batch Color Glow Nexus Aviar feels: Flat. Fairly stiff. So grippy it’s almost sticky – just like your hands will be after raiding your kid's trick or treat basket.

More about this Innova Pumpkin Design: You know how you’re supposed to remove the candle from your Jack-o-Lantern? Well, looks like someone forgot and now our pumpkin is a roaring inferno. Somebody, find this overgrown squash a water hazard, and quick!

More about the Aviar disc: Get used to hearing chains when putting with the Innova Aviar, disc golf’s most popular disc. Not convinced? Put this straight, easy to throw disc to the test. It will prove itself time after time even in the most haunted of courses.

Nexus plastic vs XT: According to Innova Disc Inventor and Co-Founder Dave Dunipace, “the difference between Nexus and XT is formula which gives Nexus greater durability and easier molding.” XT has a little better grip, but besides that, Nexus has the edge, he said.

Tis the Season: Our Innova pumpkins are a disc golf Halloween tradition. Before you break the bank on Halloween candy, make sure you’ve got a pumpkin on the way.