Alex Geisinger Color Glow Champion Firebird

96% of 100

Proud Papa

 One look at Alex Geisinger's Champion Series disc and you can tell he's taken with his 4-year-old son Owen. In front of a Minnesota landscape, Owen is pictured reaching up as high as he can with a disc, showing it to his nearby father.

Geisinger said the image created by Sam Smith of New Mexico represents a moment two years ago when Geisinger first took Owen disc golfing.

Nowadays, Owen and his dad continue to share the sport. Geisinger has got an Instagram clip where his son, flicks a disc and gets the full 'S' of the flight. You can tell Alex is quite proud. "Yes! Walked it off. 92 feet," boasts Geisinger. “I enjoy watching him throw a good shot as much as I do practicing,” said Geisinger, who lives in Rosemount, MN.

The stamp is featured on Color Glow Champ Firebirds, an overstable disc that's not a surprise choice for one of the longest throwers in the game and 2015 US Distance Champ. Though Geisinger has struggled with a shoulder/elbow injury this year, he’s on the road to recovery. Expect to see the 2-time Minnesota Majestic Champ at the USDGC this year where he’s had some impressive finishes.