Born To Roc USDGC Champion Roc

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 More About the Stamp Design and Artist Eric Beich:

Ever imagine what the birth of the mythical Roc Bird looked like? Well, artist Eric Beich has. And he’s provided a playful interpretation of that fateful day many eons ago with the Born to Roc stamp design.

In the second USDGC Champion Roc release of the year, Beich, who is also a USDGC Partner, has created a memorable scene while spelling out the word Roc. Resting on a nest of twigs, feathers, stones and the remains of less fortunate animals, we get to witness the first act of the mythical Roc Bird – which, is a talon bursting through the egg to give the “Rock On” sign. It’s an awesome touch to an already cool stamp.

Beich, who lives in Grand Prairie, Texas, said he liked the idea of showing the birth of the Roc as well as the attitude the bird would likely be equipped with.

“I grew up in the 80's and along with other heavy metal, Def Leppard’s 'Rock of Ages' kinda stuck,” said Beich, a first time USDGC Roc artist.

Beich said he’s really excited about doing work for something like the USDGC Roc and the company he now shares with past Roc artists.

The idea of the Born to Roc design came to him during the design phase of another USDGC disc project. Look for that one down the road.