Brian Schweberger Flat Top Champion Firebird

When you think of ‘Thumber’ one name comes to mind for most disc golfers: Brian Schweberger.

Over Schweberger’s lengthy pro career, he’s perfected that shot to the point of being known as the Thumber King in many disc golf circles. His thumber is so crafty, it’s been said that a few Mando’s have been created to block that throw.

So it’s only natural that Schwebby’s Champion Series Disc has a thumber theme. Schwebby gave Raleigh, N.C., artist Kris Henseler free-range on what to create and the amusing and spot-on crowned-thumb image was what he came up with. Schwebby definitely liked it.

“I thought it suited me well. Most people know me for my overhand thumber. And the fact that I’ll have the Firebird as the disc, makes it even better,” said Schweberger, who uses the Flat Top Champion Firebird for 95% of his thumbers.