Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

College Disc Golf Galactic XT Roc3

Dependable to a fault, the Innova Roc3 has unrivaled grip and color blends in this special College Disc Golf edition in Galactic XT plastic.

How this batch of Roc3 disc feels: Flat to very flat. Grip for days. Alluring color blends and striations.

More about the stamp: There are many memorable features to the North Cove Disc Golf Social Club, home of College Disc Golf’s National Championship. Chief among them is the green to Hole 7 of the Boulders Course in which, fittingly enough, the pin is tucked into a cluster of hillside boulders. It’s a clever ending to a beautiful hole. And one of the many delights that await the next generation of disc golfers at the College Disc Golf National Championships.

More about the Innova XT Roc3 Disc: Get ready to use the Roc3 for more shots. The XT edition of the Roc3 starts out less overstable than its Champion and Star versions, which means straighter, longer flights. But it still has a reliable fade at flight’s end.

Roc3 Flight Numbers: 5 / 4 / 0 / 3

More about College Disc Golf: Disc golf on college campuses is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing aspects of the game. Through College Disc Golf, an organization committed to developing the college game to the highest level, students compete throughout the year and for a chance at the national title.