David Wiggins Glow Champion Boss

91% of 100

Distance king David Wiggins Jr. and artist Les White have a good thing going. Wiggins and White have teamed up for the last four stamps of Wiggins including his new Team Champion Series Glow Champion Boss.

This one features a take-no-crap cyborg-type character levitating a disc in between his mechanized hands all done in White’s signature action/adventure style.
“I like how it turned out. It’s pretty bad-ass. That’s Les’s style,” said Wiggins, 22, who’s now living in Louisiana, studying engineering at the University of New Orleans.

The stamp appears on a Glow Champion Boss. Wiggins has made the Boss mold world famous after breaking the World Distance Record in 2012 with the disc and then reclaiming the title in 2016 with a monstrous Boss throw of 1,109 feet.