DGU Discfits Narwhal (Star Destroyer)

100% of 100
Although a Narwhal sounds like the coolest disc ever (I know, we thought so too), this disc is actually a Star Destroyer.
For every new disc that get released, there are lots of other disc ideas that probably never will. We've used our imagination to bring some of these what-if would-be discs to life in this fun, new, and aptly named DGU Disfits series.


NARWHAL (Unicorn of the Sea)
    • Name: Nigel
    • Interests: Long morning swims, aquatic jousting, tuscan fare
    • Favorite Movie: Pinocchio
    • Life Philosophy: Follow your nose!
    • Occupation: Freelance entrepreneur. Got his first big break as an extra in Free Willy.
    • Achievements: Once swam to an astounding depth of 5,000 meters just to retrieve a dropped sandwich.
    • Personal Goals: 1) Stop accidentally impaling friends and loved ones. 2) Migrate to warmer climate. 3) Save money for nose job.
    • Player Profile: The Narwhal is perfect for players who have no fear of water holes - nor the skill to match. Designed to give the tin cup style player confidence as they throw half their bag in the drink trying to nail that perfect shot as friends look on in awkward silence. So, the next time you're faced with a high risk, unlikely shot, grab your Narwhal and go for it. 2% of the time, it works every time!