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  1. The RocX3 is the most torque-resistant Roc yet. A low profile and a hefty rim create extra control, making it the ideal Mid-Range for windy conditions and forehand throws. Power players will love the control.  
    Champion RocX3
  2. The Roc is simply the best, most versatile mid-range disc ever made. It provides accuracy at any range. This disc can take and hold the angle of release, even into a headwind. It can be used for driving, upshots, straight shots, hyzer shots or anhyzers. The Roc ages gradually and predictably. If you’re not sure what disc to throw, choose the Roc; just like most pros.
    DX Roc
  3. Innova Roc3 - DX Mid Range DiscA notch faster than the revered Roc, the Innova Roc3 is an overstable mid range that excels at controlled approaches and medium length drives.How the DX Roc3 feels: The DX Roc3 has the same lower profile feel as the Champion and Star editions, but with the ample grip that DX plastic provides. Roc3 Flight Numbers: 5 / 4 / 0 / 3More about the Roc3: The Roc3 holds a line in a variety of wind conditions and has a predictable fade.Should I throw the Roc3? Experienced players with average+ power will get the most use out of this beefy mid range disc. However those with less power will find success in lighter weights for shots that call for substantial fade 
    DX Roc3
  4. The Halo Roc3 is the meaty mid-range that flies in style. After seeing it take on the course and the elements, you’ll find yourself reaching for this large diameter mid-range disc over and over again.Notice: Center Disc Color & Stamp Color Combinations will vary. Halo effect will vary.Stock UP! The long-awaited release of stock Halo Star models is here!How the Halo Roc3 flies: It holds a line in a variety of wind conditions and has a predictable fade, making this an ideal 'Go-To' Mid-Range in almost any situation. Advanced players will love the versatility of this disc while newer players can rely on the consistent finish. Expect the Halo Roc3 to be slightly more overstable than its Star plastic counterpart.The Halo Process: The unique two-tone injection process results in beautiful, durable discs with a “Halo” rim that is a distinctly different color than the flight plate.Halo Roc3 flight numbers: 5 / 4 / 0 / 3
  5. The Classic Roc is a small diameter putt and approach disc. It is an accurate disc that provides a great "touch" on shorter holes and longer approach shots. It is a solid performer for straight, hyzer or turnover shots. The Classic Roc will handle any wind situation. Low profile design makes it an easy-to-release putter. The small rim makes this a great disc for small hands. For players of all skill levels. Makes a great disc for those who want to play with only one disc.
    Star Classic Roc

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Introducing the Innova Roc: A legendary mid-range disc revered for its storied history and unmatched performance. Since its inception, the Roc has been a staple in the bags of disc golfers worldwide, earning a reputation for its reliable stability and versatile flight. Renowned for its ability to hold any line and tackle any shot, the Roc has stood the test of time as one of the most iconic discs in the sport.

In the Hand: (Rancho Roc)

Right away you know that there's something to this large diameter, beaded disc. The rounded, shallow rim means business, but it's not difficult to grasp. The disc design is not flashy or complicated. It just feels right.

Flight Path: How the Roc Disc Flies

If you play disc golf then this disc is for you. We're serious. This incredibly versatile disc provides predictable flight patterns on every angle for everybody. Backhands thrown at a flat angle will have a straight flight with a slight turn before its reliable fade kicks in, ultimately topping out at 280 - 350 feet for experienced players. Hyzer shots. Anhyzer shots. Any kind of shots work with this disc. After getting to know your Roc properly, you'll be amazed at the multitude of lines you can throw with this highly controllable disc. 

Innova Destroyer Flight Numbers

Innova Roc Flight Numbers

Speed: 4

A great speed that slots between throwing putters and fairway drivers. Rip into the Roc and trust that its speed will put it well down the fairway.

Glide: 4

The Roc is not overly glidey but gives you that perfect combination of glide mixed with predictable fade. Trust this consistent disc not to sail past your landing zone.

High Speed Turn: 0

This is where the Roc excels. It is a torque resistant mid - range with minimal high speed turn when new. Laser lines with a consistent fade finish is where this disc shines.

Fade: 3

Fade is what makes the Roc so dependable. Trust this disc to finish with reliable fade when thrown on most angles and speeds.

For more information on disc Flight Ratings go to the DGU Blog.

Power Levels Compared

Low Power / Newer player:

Players with beginner skill levels will use the Roc as an overstable mid - range mainly for automatic hzyers and headwind play. As players learn technique and basic angle control, more shots will become available. It may seem a little overstable at first. But stick with it. Use at lower weights. Recommended

Medium Power / Intermediate Player:

At this level, a new Roc will still fly overstable, but as it breaks-in you will be able to play with various angles of release and discover Roc shots for every hole. At this point many players start to bag more than one Roc. Recommended.

Full Power / Advanced Player

This unlocks the magic of the Roc. Bigger arms can craft controlled turnover lines and flex shots out of the Roc. The dependable fade is a constant and will make this disc a staple in your bag. You'll find yourself bagging several of these discs in various stages of wear to capture the array of shot options. Green Light. Recommended.

Why do disc golf players bag more than 1 Roc?

The Roc is great right out of the box as an overstable mid range disc. But, it's also great years later as it beats-into a stable disc and later still as an understable midrange. It's no secret, that every disc beats in eventually, but the way the Roc does it is a thing of beauty.

Every time your Roc evolves to a different stability, new and useful shots can be utilized. If you have several different Rocs at various levels of wear, you'll possess the full spectrum of Roc Shots.

That's why you'll see some of the greatest Roc throwers like 2-time World Champ Barry Schultz carry up to five Rocs, each with a specific use.


Roc (4/4/0/3) vs Pig (4/1/0/3)

These popular discs share three of the same flight numbers, but the one exception is very noticeable. The Pig wants to dump out of the sky where as the Roc is more glidey. Throw the Pig for shorter shots and use it as a highly torque resistant overstable forehand disc.

Roc vs Gator (5/2/0/4)

The Roc is more accessible to more players than the Gator. The Gator has a much more overstable flight due to less glide and more fade than that of the Roc. This means that power arms can unlock the Gator while most players are able to get a true flight out of the Roc.

Roc vs Toro (4/2/1/3)

You will be able to get more shot shapes out of the Roc than the Toro. The Toro is a flat-top, overstable mid - range made for powerful sidearms and windy conditions. Reach for the Roc when you need more distance or want to push further straight in your flight.

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  1. Introducing a unique and original plastic type in the Innova Discs lineup, the all-new SOFT PRO. As the mellowest, most flexible putter plastic we’ve made so far, our new SOFT PRO is easy to grip and easy to spin, for a consistent, accurate release, even in the wet and cold. Not only is our new SOFT PRO’s velvety finish extra comfortable in the hand, but it also grabs the chains like no other. At 3 times softer than R-Pro and 5 times softer than KC, the extra give in our new SOFT PRO helps absorb chain swing to minimize bounce backs and find the bottom of the tray more often. The Pig is an overstable Mid-Range disc. It's great as wind putter and perfect for sidearm approaches or short drives. The Pig holds the line, even in extreme conditions. The Pig features a Thumtrac® Rim for sure grips on sidearm throws and putts. It performs equally well for backhand or sidearm throws.
  2. The Innova Star Shark is a stable mid range disc that has as many purposes as its namesake has teeth (which is a lot). Great all-around disc for medium length shots for all disc golfers. How it feels: Beadless. Classic mid range feel. Nothing to gripe about here. Most have at least a modest amount of dome. Shark Flight numbers: 4 / 4 / 0 / 2 How the Shark flies: The Shark is a stable to overstable large diameter mid range disc. Innova Co-founder and Disc Inventor Dave Dunipace designed it to be a less overstable Roc, which means it can stretch out for longer flights and it makes hzyer and anhyzer lines easier to execute. That said, it still has enough fade to keep the ending of its flight predictable. At the appropriate weight, it’s a useful mid range for any skilled player, even beginners. VTech Pioneer: The origins of Innova’s VTech technology have been around since the Shark was created in 1989. VTech discs have a convex shaped rim which helps with torque resistance (longer, straighter flights) and minimal fade for flatter landings. Star plastic Star plastic gives the best of both worlds: incredible durability while maintaining a grippy feel in the hand. In terms of stability it sits in between DX and Champion. The Star Shark is great for: Those looking for new disc that flies like a beat-in Roc Medium length straight shots with a noticeable fade ending Dutiful hyzers Turnover anhyzers when seasoned How will I throw it?: Beginners will see straight-ish flights in lighter weights with a noticeable fade a flight’s end. Intermediates will see straighter flights with less of a fade dump and will be able to perform anhyzer lines. Advanced players will be able to construct various lines with moderate to minimal fade.
  3. Everyone can experience the joy of the roller throw with the super understable Innova DX Rollo mid range disc. It’s available in light weights which are perfect for beginners. How the Rollo disc feels: Slight rim with small bead at rim’s underside. It’s like a cross between a Stingray and a Wombat3. Dome can range from fairly flat to noticeable. Rollo Flight Numbers: 5 / 6 / -4 / 1 How the Rollo flies: The Rollo is a very understable large diameter mid range disc that’s designed to roll for most skill levels. Not only does this disc roll with ease, it excels at hyzer flips and as a late turning disc (Just apply ample hzyer and you’re golden). AM’s will love this disc not only for its rolling abilities, but also for its ability to get out of trouble when space is tight in the woods. DX plastic For mid range discs, many players start with DX plastic and never stop. Its ample, all-weather grip and quick break-in time is incredibly tough to beat. Plus, it’s very affordable. When it comes to stability, it’s the least overstable of Innova plastics (which benefits beginners). Great for: Those without a sidearm Low ceiling shots Those who haven’t had much luck with the roller in the past Standstill scrambles Late turning backhands (when ample hyzer is applied) How will I throw it?: DX plastic is the best place to start if you want to start throwing rollers as a Beginner, especially in the lightest DX Rollo weights. Beginners will also marvel at the immediate shop shaping available with this disc. Intermediate players will have the same experience, but should try heavier weights, possibly even max weight. Advanced players will likely overpower this disc.
  4. Like the way the Innova Rollo flies? Lock it in for seemingly forever with the ultra durable Champion plastic. This understable midrange is a wonder at hyzer flips and rollers. How the Rollo disc feels: Slight rim with small bead at rim’s underside. It’s like a cross between a Stingray and a Wombat3. Dome can range from fairly flat to noticeable. Rollo Flight Numbers: 5 / 6 / -4 / 1 How the Rollo flies: The Rollo is a very understable large diameter mid range disc that’s designed to roll for most skill levels. Not only does this disc roll with ease, it excels at hyzer flips and as a late turning disc (Just apply ample hzyer and you’re golden). AM’s will love this disc not only for its rolling abilities, but also for its ability to get out of trouble when space is tight in the woods. Champion plastic is among Innova’s most durable plastics. Expect years of use with little change in flight characteristics. However, it is also among Innova’s least grippy plastics. In terms of stability, Champion plastic is among Innova’s most overstable plastics. Great for: Teebox rollers, standstill rollers. Controlled mid shots Immediate hyzer flips Super easy backhand anhyzers How will I throw it?: Beginners will experience easy-going straight shots, especially in lower weights. However, Champion plastic will be challenging to roll for those with low power (Try DX or Star plastic first). In lighter to mid level weights, Intermediate players will have success with hyzer flips, anhyzers and medium length rollers. In heavier weights, Advanced players will find the Rollo useful for long rollers and late turning backhands. However, players with high arm speed will likely be too powerful for this disc, even in the more overstable Champion plastic.

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Plastic Types

The disc design is not flashy or complicated. It just feels right.

DX Roc (Rancho mold)

The DX Roc is the most popular and most affordable plastic for the Roc. This baseline plastic will start out overstable like all Rocs, but after a moderate break-in period you'll really see its potential. Even after DX discs like this start to show a little age, hang onto it. It's still got lots of magic left. Among Innova's most popular discs!

Grip: Fantastic all-weather grip. Fingers love these discs.

Durability: Good longevity for occasional play, however DX is the least durable of Innova plastics.

KC Pro Roc (Rancho mold)

Like DX Rocs, these are great discs for cycling so that you have several in various stages of wear and stability. However, KC Pro plastic is slightly more overstable than DX and will wear in at a slower pace. The KC Pro Roc is the midrange disc of choice 12-time World Champ Ken Climo (KC), who helped develop the plastic. 

Grip: Smooth. Firmer disc feel than DX. It’s the least grippy of the Pro plastics.

Durability: A step up from DX, but not quite the level of Champion and Star.

Star Roc (Rancho mold)

The Star Roc is going to hold its original flight characteristics for a longer period, that means it's going to stay overstable longer. 

Grip: Excellent grip that's situated in between GStar and Champion plastic. The perfect compromise!

Durability: Star plastic’s strength is legendary. Get ready for your Star discs to grow old with you.

Specialty Rocs

Bottom Stamp DX Roc (Rancho mold)

Like your DX Roc with a blank top? The Bottom Stamp DX Roc provides a blank canvas on top while providing a sweet vintage stamp on the disc's underside. Great for those who like to doodle on their discs!

Grip: Same as stock DX

Durability: Same as stock DX

Glow DX Roc (Rancho mold)

This disc is comparable to the DX Roc but has a distinct difference, it glows! Put a flashlight on this baby and watch it light up the night. This disc is also a bit more overstable out of the box.

Grip: Unique velvet-like DX feel

Durability: Similar to DX in that it is the least durable Innova plastic. Easy to break-in, though.

Flat Top Roc DX & KC Pro (Rancho) 

How do you make a Roc even better and more popular? Flat top it, of course. Like the name suggests, these discs are board flat or as close to it as possible. The flat top is said to give the disc extra overstability and less glide. Although some Rocs can come quite flat off the factory line, most of these Rocs are post production flattened. Occasionally offered as DGU Original disc models and during Factory Second Releases. A favorite disc for many Roc lovers.

Grip: Same as stock DX or KC Pro

Durability: Same as stock DX or KC Pro

USDGC Rocs: Champion Roc

You may have noticed that over the years, Champion Rocs have been missing from the Innova stock catalog. That's because it has been reserved as the official USDGC (US Disc Golf Championship) fundraiser disc since 2001. There have been several Roc molds used in the program’s history, but the most popular Champion Roc has always been the Rancho mold. To this day, the only way to get a new Champion Rancho Roc is through the USDGC. Occasionally, you'll see discontinued mold variations (like San Marino and Ontario) used for specialty USDGC releases. The Halo Star Rancho Roc was also unveiled for the USDGC as well.

Collector Rocs

The Roc is probably the easiest disc to collect because of the high amount variations and its long history in production. Top on the list for collectors are the early USDGC Champion Roc releases, especially the first one in 2001. One is said to have auctioned for more than $2,000. Other prized Rocs include the Ching Full Color Rocs and the Super Roc, which was a special blend of Pro plastic used for event fundraising. Older stock DX Rocs with the Big Bird stamp and Innova Bar stamp as well as older KC Pro Rocs are also sought out. KC Rocs are usually classified by the number of World Championships listed on the stamp. Older editions with the 9-time World Champ or and 8-time World Champ stamp are quite valuable. 


Each year, as fall approaches, Innova harvests a special kind of pumpkin: select discs with Jack-O-Lantern stamps. It’s a Halloween tradition that’s just the right amount of spooky. Models offered have varied over the years but most years feature a Roc of some variety. Halloween lovers say this is their favorite disc of the year.

DGU Original Designs

We've released a number of eye-catching Rocs over the years, most have been offered in the KC Pro plastic like the SlingBlade, XXL Squadron, and XXL Zen designs. See if we've got a DGU Original Roc here.

Factory Second Rocs

Looking for the cheapest discs? Our F2 department has one of the widest selections of Innova discs including Factory Second Rocs. F2 discs are discounted because they have minor blemishes and/or multiple stamps. They perform the same as stock discs. Keep in mind that F2 models and plastics can vary. DGU has the widest selection of Factory Second Innova discs. Check what F2 Rocs we have now. Hit us up if you are looking for something specific: info@discgolfunited.

Roc Spinoffs

3 Series: Innova Roc3 (5/4/0/3)

Think of the Roc3 as the big brother to the Roc. It has a more flat, low profile build which gives it a touch more speed and overstability. It's a good disc in headwinds or mild conditions. The Roc3 also comes in a variety of plastics including DX, GStar, Star, Champion, Halo and Metal Flake. Released in 2013, it was the first disc in the Roc family widely available in Champion plastic.

X Series: Innova RocX3 (5/4/0/3.5)

If the Roc3 is the Roc's big brother, the RocX3 must be its mutated, superhero cousin. Released in 2018, it has a more low profile design than the Roc and a meatier rim. Give it a whirl and you'll quickly see that it's the most overstable disc in the Roc family tree. Great for headwinds and when you need a control disc. It is produced in a number of plastics including: DX, XT, Champion, and Star.

VTech: Innova VRoc (4/4/0/1)

Discs with VTech like the VRoc have a convex shaped rim which helps with torque resistance and minimal fade for flatter landings. The VRoc is touted as flying like a worn in Roc right off the bat. Other limited editions of the VRoc included the VRoc2 also known as the Rocamonga and as the most overstable of the VRocs. And, the VRoc3, which was reserved for the European market and was the fastest of the VRocs. The VRoc is available in DX plastic.

What's Torque? Find out about Torque and other scientific principles of disc golf discs at the DGU Blog.

Brief History of Roc Molds

Did you know that the first Innova Roc was a small diameter disc? Yes, it's true. It was created around 1985 and was later renamed the Classic Roc when the Roc was changed to a large diameter disc (its current size). This first generation of larger Rocs are referred to as the San Marino mold. When the San Marino mold gave out, a retooled Roc mold replaced it, which is known as the Ontario mold, and was later replaced by today's Rancho mold. The small diameter Roc (Classic Roc), the San Marino Roc, and the Ontario Roc were all reproduced in later years. You can often tell whether it's a San Marino, Ontario, or Rancho Roc by looking at the bottom of the disc. There, you'll see the embossed tooling of where the disc was created. Either: San Marino, CA, Ontario, CA, or Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 

Here's a Closer Look at the Discontinued Rocs:

Classic Roc (3/3/0/2)

The Classic Roc is the descendant of the original Roc. After it was replaced by a large diameter Roc it was later classified as a putt and approach disc. This is a favorite disc of many old school disc golfers who swear by this versatile, low profile flyer for upshots. Originally offered in DX plastic and later in Champion. It is currently out of stock production, but it is occasionally seen in limited runs of premium plastics. 

Roc (San Marino Mold)

Billed as a 'straighter Roc', the San Marino Roc is a large diameter cousin to today's stock Roc mold, the Rancho. In terms of stability, the San Marino Roc falls right between the Ontario Roc (most understable Roc) and the Rancho Roc (most overstable Roc). Originally offered in DX plastic, it did see a brief period as a stock model in Star plastic as well. Today it has limited availability. You may occasionally see it used for USDGC Runs in Champion plastic. 

Roc (Ontario Roc)

Every Roc mold has its following including the Ontario Roc and the beautiful shot shaping lines it produces. It's considered the least overstable of the large diameter Roc molds. Limited availability. Originally released in DX plastic, it is occasionally offered in premium plastics for the USDGC and other special runs. 

R-Pro Roc (Rancho mold)

For those preferring a gummier, flexier Roc, the R-Pro Roc was available as a stock model for several years.

Roc+ (4/5/0/2)

How you release a disc is crucial to accuracy. The Roc+, with its slanted Plus Mold inner rim, was designed to help produce a smoother release. It flew less overstable than the stock Rancho Roc. When it was in production during the early 2010's, it was available in R-Pro plastic and Champion as a USDGC fundraiser. Some limited runs in Star plastic were also produced.

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Best Uses for An Innova Roc

Backhand Approach / Medium Drive

This is the bread and butter of the Roc. Backhand mid range shots between 270 and 350 feet are nearly automatic. The Roc is overstable enough to handle a full power shot, but not too overstable to make it inaccessible to most disc golfers.

Backhand Anhyzer Throw

When new, this disc will hold an anhyzer line while trying to fight out of it. This will allow buttery soft landings by the pin. Once seasoned, the Roc will easily complete more severe anhyzer lines and can even be turned into a roller.

Straight Shots

The Roc can be thrown on laser lines when thrown with high velocity. Then, as the disc ages, you are able to get a straight flight out of a hyzer-flip line. Tunnel shots and other tight gaps don't seem as daunting with this mid.

The I Don't Know What to Throw Shot

If you're having a head scratcher moment on the tee or in the fairway, the one disc that's never a wrong choice is a Roc. You may not get the eye popping distance of a driver, but your chances of staying in the fairway are exponentially better.

Who Should Throw the Innova Roc?

Your chances of staying in the fairway are good

The Roc has a place in every disc golf player's bag no matter the skill level. As a beginner disc, the Roc will have an overstable flight that provides trusty hzyer shots. For advanced players, it will be your utility disc that carves consistent lines on a multitude of angles. It is designed to beat into a straight disc that gives you a plethora of options. No matter your disc golf game, The Roc should be in your bag. 

Innova Roc Reviews

Whether you're finishing your first round or your 1,000th, the Roc makes everyone's disc recommendation list.

Philo Brathwaite (Innova Star Team)

“That’s what really got me hooked on the DX Roc was how straight I could make it fly, how well I could control it, and how predictable it was.”

Amy (DGU Customer)

"My favorite midrange disc to use when I need a straight shot. I have beaten my DX Roc to a pulp and it’s my go to disc!"

Innova Roc Video Reviews

Philo Brathwaite overviews the Roc for an Innova video.

The boys over at Foundation Discs put out a thorough review of the Roc on various angles and speeds. They also used Rocs that had already been seasoned which shows you flight characteristics of an older disc.

Questions & Answers

Can I trust the Roc in DX plastic?

Yes. In fact, this should be the first Roc you throw. The DX Roc is the go-to plastic for pros and players across the globe. It is the perfect blend of grip and dependability. Once seasoned, grab a new DX Roc to slot into your rotation.

What is the most overstable Roc?

The most overstable Roc mold is the Rancho Roc. Of all the Roc variations, the RocX3, with the beefy 3.5 fade, is the most overstable. And when looking at the most overstable plastic, that would be Metal Flake. Try any combination of these to get a trusty overstable Roc.

What are the Roc's flight numbers?

The Roc's flight numbers are 4 / 4 / 0 / 3. The speed makes it a dependable disc. It is not overly glidey which also limits the high speed turn. Combine that with reliable fade and you have yourself a trustworthy flight path.

What pros throw the Roc?

Two pioneers that made the disc famous were Barry Schultz and Ken Climo. Heck, Ken Climo even got a mold (KC) named after him! Then Philo Brathwaite carried the Roc baton into the modern era. Just about every major disc golf career has used a Roc at some point. 

How do I get more distance with a Roc?

For big arms, get a beefier mold in premium plastic (maybe even get a Roc3 or RocX3) and throw flex lines. For beginners, start with DX and learn proper mechanics to unlock a straight flight path. Beginners should also try a used Roc to allow glide to kick in with just a bit of fade.