F2 DX Destroyer 10 Disc Set 165-175

Special Price $50.00 Regular Price $70.00

Sometimes you just need a bunch of Innova Factory Second drivers. We've got you covered with our Innova. This set of Innova Factory Seconds is perfect for camps, schools, clubs, and parks departments looking for an easy way to get people disc golfing. 

*Also great for an affordable set of discs for field practice. 

Here’s what you get:

  • 10 F2 DX Destroyers drivers between the weight of 165-175 grams. 

*The Destroyer is an extremely popular distance driver. Master it in the grippy DX plastic. 

(Colors will be randomly selected)

More about Factory Seconds:

A Factory Second disc has cosmetic imperfections which do not affect flight or durability. These discs may contain bubbles or flecks in the plastic. They may contain other small imperfections like scratches, chips, and dimples among other things. Most if not all of our F2’s have multiple stamps. Stamp size, design, color, placement, and number of stamps on each factory second disc may vary widely.

*Factory Second discs may have an “X” penned in the middle. This is done during production to denote it is an X-out / F2.