'09 USDGC F2 Champion Roc

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fundraising nature of these discs, actual shipping will be charged. Discs are only available in assorted colors. Weights range from 170-180 grams. Disc color and weight will be randomly selected. Feel free to include preference notes and we will do our best to fulfill them. While most discs only have the original and added mini stamp, some of these discs have multiple stamps from the original design. These will be randomly assorted when ordering.

Return of the '09 USDGC Champion Roc

Did you happen to miss out on the 2009 USDGC Champion Roc Release?
You’re in luck - we somehow found more.
See, way back in 2009, several cases of USDGC Champion Rocs were produced. They were quite nice, but apparently, they were passed over for the plastic’s look and minor flashing issues. They were shelved along with other Champion Roc misfits and apparently forgotten for more than 9 years. 
This year, while doing inventory, we uncovered the 2009 Rocs. Despite being rejected for the original run, the majority of these Rocs had one of the original 2009 Champion Roc designs.  
In order to differentiate from the authentic '09 releases, we've added a new minimal USDGC Factory Second mini stamp. The majority have the original artwork stamp and the mini stamp.
Overall, these discs are in great shape, especially for F2’s. So, enjoy this step back in time with these 2009 Champion Rocs. It’s not every day we uncover a USDGC time capsule like this.