Swirly Frontline Mortar

91% of 100

Please note: These discs are produced in wide variety of color combinations, blends, swirls, and transitions, that may vary wiely in appearance and/or intensity. Since each disc is unique, the one you receive may differ from the pictured examples. Due to the many possible combinations, preferences may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. Discs may be randomly selected from our available stock.

Swirly Frontline (Star Plastic) w/ microbead.

DGU has its own custom stamped Mortar. Hyzerbomb did us a solid by giving us a bunch of blank Swirly Frontline Mortars so that we could apply a custom DGU stamp. We then contracted with artist Patrick Jones of Plano, Illinois who came up with something pretty awesome.

Surrounded by a sandbag bunker, Jones designed this Mortar with the future in mind. It’s more streamlined and robotic and he added a cool touch of tracks underneath for added mobility.

Overall, it’s a design that’ll help lead your assault on the course.

These low-profile discs have developed quite a following because they feel great in the hand, are super stable, and are akin to a flat beadless gator.