Glow C-Line FD3

100% of 100

A limited special run of Discmania’s overstable fairway driver with the popular Glow C-line material.

The FD3 is Discmania’s most overstable fairway driver. You can trust this disc into a head wind without worrying it will turn and burn on you. At high speeds, the FD3 maintains a straight-as-an-arrow flight with a great forward-penetrating glide, before the disc starts to slow down. The low speed fade is strong, but still somewhat forward-pushing, rather than “dumping”. 

For the majority of players the FD3 works as the most overstable driver in the bag. For players that can reach distances above 300 feet with a fairway driver, the FD3's dependable and (over)stable flight makes this disc an accurate point-and-shoot (with fade) driver even for the most narrow of fairways.

This release represents the first specialty run of the FD3 made with the Glow C-line material. This run was produced in early 2018. The profile on these discs is similar to the popular Simon Lizotte Doom Bird FD3's ("Doom Bird 1", released late 2017). The profile is nice and low, but not completely flat and the PLH* is pretty high.

The Glow C-line material glows in the dark. It also features a great grip and is very durable. Grab yourself a stack and you'll be set with great overstable distance drivers for ages!