April Gnome Driven - Flick River Ace-Run - INNcolor Star Aviar3

100% of 100

For April’s GnomeDriven scene it’s as if you’re peering through the brush, watching the Gnome in mid-drive. Artist Skeet Scienski said he tried to create noticeably more depth for this design. That’s why the gnome, tee pad, and surrounding wildflowers in the foreground have so much clarity, while the mushroom target and hills appear way off in the distance. Scienski said as a photo editor, depth is an element that’s often on his mind.

Skeet’s gnome illustrations including this "Gnome-Flick River Ace-Run" scene were first compiled in his black and white GnomeDriven Calendar released in the fall. Now experience the masterfully drawn scene in full, eye-popping color. 

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