May Gnome Driven - OB - Turtle Help - INNcolor Star Aviar3

All Discs are 175 grams

For the GnomeDriven May Edition, Turtles again show their resourcefulness on the course. This time a seaworthy turtle lends a helping head for a gnome needing a water retrieval.

Artist Skeet Scienski says this turtle is one of many “Caddy Creatures” among the GnomeDriven population. And, he said the gnomes are grateful for their assistance.

“After this excellent display of turtle-help with a smile, a Gnome always has a juicy worm or grub for a turtle!” says Scienksi.

Other Caddy Creatures include the disc laden beetle in the Behind the Drive scene (January). There are others too. See if you can find each Caddy Creature in the GnomeDriven Collection.