Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Hot Dog Bandit Collector Box

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PLEASE NOTE: The discs in each box will be randomly selected. Disc colors and stamp colors will vary.

This could be the definitive disc golf collectible of the year. The Hot Dog Bandit Collector Box is packed with Halo Star goodness and a must-have for any disc golfer or hot dog lover (no added fillers or nitrates). Only 200 of these boxes have been produced. And, the unique and exclusive stamp on each disc will never be reproduced again.

Yes, in case you didn't know already. Jeremy Koling is the Hot Dog Bandit, the infamous figure that gripped the professional disc golf scene for much of the 2021 season by secretly stamping an innocuous hot dog stamp onto the prized discs of his fellow pro players.

This Collector Box celebrates Koling’s joyous hot dog romp. Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of discs and mementos that will forever link disc golf to our favorite meal made of slaughterhouse byproducts.

What’s in the Box?!?

  • 4 - Different Halo Discs featuring 4 exclusive designs
    • 50 of each disc model will be tagged with the authentic hot dog bandit rubber stamp on the underside.
    • Each order will include 1 tagged disc (model will vary)
  • 1 - Hot Dog Bandit stamped mini
  • 3 - Hot Dog Bandit stickers
  • 2 - Oscar Mayer gummy hot dogs
  • 1 - Custom Hot Dog Bandit pin from Disc Golf Pins
  • 1 - Genuine packet of Heinz Ketchup (you can never be too prepared)
  • 1 - Genuine packet of French's Mustard (because you deserve it)
  • 1 - Multi-purpose hot dog warming sleeve
  • 1 - Hand numbered Certificate of Authenticity (scan the QR Code to access the online collector guide)

**Jerm will receive a significant portion of the proceeds from these sets.


  • Halo Roc3 – “Bandido De Hot Dog”. For a few of the designs, Koling wanted to tie-in locales known for their hot dogs. This one pays tribute to the Sonoran hot dog popular in Arizona and features a trippy depiction of the Hot Dog Bandit that might appear in a dream fueled by Ayahuasca and Peyote. Disc Details: 180 has Noticeable dome. Trusty Halo plastic grip.
  • Halo Thunderbird – “Windy City Wieners”. Chicago makes a mean hot dog. And perhaps the ones pictured here are the meanest around as they appear to be laying waste to the city. Disc Details: Noticeable dome. Rock steady grip. “The city got more than it could handle with the Godzilla Glizzy!” said Diaz.
  • Halo Sidewinder – “Maritime (s)Law”. A band of shifty seagulls has commandeered the Big Sexy Hot Dog trailer. Whereabouts of the human proprietors are unknown. Disc Details: Noticeable dome. Tacky Halo Star grip.
  • Halo AviarX3 – "Mother Glizzy”. A hot dog so pure and satisfying it has achieved sainthood. Disc Details: Fairly flat. *Our first Halo release of this Big Jerm signature model.

How do you illustrate a Hot Dog Phenomenon?

When embarking upon this project Jerm and artist Tony Diaz tried to find the most ridiculous ways to portray a hot dog. “We just laughed on the phone for hours coming up with the stamp concepts,” said Jerm, who remembered originally wanting only one design. However, after seeing Diaz’s multiple mock-ups, “I thought there was no way I could do just one,” he said.


(Cliff Notes Version)

It all started one day in 2021 when Jerm showed off the rubber stamps he just purchased to Nate Sexton, who immediately concocted a most devious plan. “Get rid of all of them, but keep the Hot Dog. Stamp people’s disc with the hot dog and don’t tell em’ you did it,” Koling remembered Sexton saying. The very next day during a Las Vegas Open practice round, Jerm scored his first victim: Eric Oakley. Then with each successive tournament, Jerm sniped more and more players’ discs. And as he did so, the notoriety of the Hot Dog Bandit grew and grew. At one point a YouTube mockumentary video was made and mentions of the Hot Dog Bandit appeared on UDisc scoring as well. By the time Jerm’s hot dog bandit reign came to an end at the Music City Open, Jerm had hot dogged between 12 - 20 disc golfers and spawned two copycat Hot Dog Bandits.


To Koling, hot dogs are a curious thing and somewhat of a conundrum. Made from the scraps and leftovers of meat processing plants, they can be quite disgusting, says Koling. But at the same time people love them and they’re an American icon.

So when people open their Hot Dog Bandit Collector Box, Jerm wants them to fully appreciate the complexity that is the Hot Dog.

“I just want them to laugh at the ridiculousness and irony of hot dog and glizzy culture. If you break down what a hot dog is, it’s just the worst. Yet they are still so amazing at the same time.”

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