Desktop DISCatcher

100% of 100

Office grind got you down? Liven up your workspace with the Innova Desktop DISCatcher - the super mini disc golf basket that will remind you of your favorite pastime even if you’ve got a mountain of work next to it.  

**Meant to be a decorative piece. Desktop DISCatcher is too small to catch regular sized mini discs.

However, feel free to use bottle caps, old Pogs, and other desk paraphernalia to putt at this tiny target.

Disc Golf Mini Basket Measurements:

Height: 12”

Basket Diameter: 5”

Weight: 1.7 pounds

Great for:

  • Gifts
  • Player Pack items or tournament giveaways
  • That 3 O’ Clock lull


  • 8 Chain strands
  • Easy 4-piece screw-on assembly
  • Looks like a tiny version of the real thing!

So, push aside your bonsai tree, novelty post-it note holder, and picture of your dog because this piece of office décor is a real score.