Innova Logo Grip6 Belt Set

100% of 100

On the course or out on the town, the Innova Grip6 Belt keeps your pants up in style. Tough, sleek design keeps you buckled in no matter the conditions. And it’s so light, you’ll forget that your wearing it.

Plus, with Grip6’s notchless design, you’ll never have to settle for a notch that’s too tight or too loose. It’s the perfect fit every time.

And, it’s the belt of choice for 2017 US Champ Nate Sexton.

“Slim fit. Solid construction, and USA made! Grip6 Belts are the best I’ve worn,” said Sexton, one of their sponsored players.

  • No Holes. No Flap -- The tail of the belt tucks behind the buckle 
  • Classic Innova logo on buckle
  • Interchangeable buckles and straps
  • Belt lies flat
  • Strap made from high strength nylon webbing
  • Laser cut buckles
  • No slip buckle locking mechanism

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