Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Planet X Galactic XT Xero

You may be stuck on planet earth for now … But with the Planet X Innova Xero, at least your short game can be out of this world.

How this batch of Galactic XT Xero feels: Flat. Pretty stiff. Very grippy. Set your phasers to stun the crowd.

More about the design: This Xero design is another prime example of artist Marm O. Set combining his illustration and typography skills. This time ol’ Marm created some compelling drama fit for a space opera. Feel free to create your own story line. Here’s ours: A spacecraft with presumed nefarious intent has engaged its tractor beam upon Planet X (the ‘O’ in Xero). With time running out who will save the peaceful Planet X known across the galaxy for its ergonomic track suit exports? Will it be you?

More about the Innova Xero Putter: The medium profile Xero has a similar look to an Aviar, but with a more compact feel and rounded rim that allows you to really launch this disc straight into the basket. Long, straight putts are definitely encouraged with this disc. For approach shots, this beaded Innova putter behaves closely to a Polecat with its 0 glide and 0 fade. It just hums along and does its thing.

Why you should purchase this disc: Sinking putts from deep space isn’t science fiction. It’s the here and now with the Galactic Xero.