Menace Tiki Star RocX3 (Pre Order)

For those days when the wind is your enemy the RocX3 is your best friend. When the basket is hidden deep around corners, the RocX3 will seek and destroy. Just in time for cold weather play, the Star RocX3 has the stability to handle extreme wind and corners. 

Reserve yours now! Preorders will only last until next Sunday, August 11th. After which, production may take a week to 10 days followed by shipping.

  •   Stamp colors will vary, but you may request disc color and weights.

  •   All of discs shown here are a mockup.

  •   No limits on quantity

More about the stamp: A few years ago, artist Brian Allen, of Pennsylvania, started doing the tiki characters and people really responded well to them. He said the tiki characters’ creepy, yet silly features sum up his artwork as a whole.