Totem Series Wolf Champion Roc3

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Have you ever wondered which totem animal represents you? We’re out to answer the question you never thought to ask. And, we’ve teamed up with the cutting-edge design team from Thought Space Athletics to bring you a brand new series: the Totem Series.

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Wolf Totem

The Wolf Totem signals loyalty to one’s pack. But it’s not just about staying true to one’s family, Wolves cut up just as much as they lay down the law. They lead when called to do so and forge a path when the way is unknown.

The Wolf Disc Golfer keeps the card at ease with their gregarious style. They’re talkative, and sometimes a little too chatty. They often offer support and provide tips, but only when solicited for them. They approach death putts and unfamiliar holes with confidence and a chortle.

Others may mistake their casual demeanor as flippant, but behind the relaxed manner is a cunning plan to win the hole and take your money.

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