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USDGC 25th DoubleVersary MoonDust Leopard

100% of 100

What happens when the USDGC and the Innova Leopard both have 25th anniversaries? Simple, you produce a special USDGC edition Champion Leopard in MoonDust plastic and then make up a cool word like “DoubleVersary” to describe it.

How these MoonDust Leopard feel: Moderate dome. Softer Champion plastic. The fairway will be home sweet home with this sweet disc.  

More on Moondust Plastic: If Metal Flake and Luster plastic conceived a baby while in orbit, these gorgeous MoonDust discs would be the result. With both Metal Flakes and microscopic MoonDust, these discs have a rare gem like appearance.

More about this offering: Over the years, scores of discs have been released by dozens of manufacturers, but few have stood the test of time like the Eagle, Leopard, and TeeBird. All three discs are just as relevant now as they were when they were released in 1999. Why not celebrate that along with another milestone, the USDGC’s 25 years of innovation and incredible disc golf action.

More about the Leopard disc: The beauty of the Innova Leopard is that it's a great straight flyer for beginners and it's also a versatile disc for more advanced throwers. A real timeless disc.