Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

USDGC Totem Dreamcatcher Thrower Roc

Our USDGC Totem Dreamcatcher Thrower Roc is a striking design that alludes to the mystique of the Championship – an event that brings together the best parts of the game.

Roc Mold: original “Rancho” mold. Champion plastic.

Artist: Levi Whitpan

How these discs feel / Other Details:  Minimal to moderate dome.

Weight: 180 grams.

More about the 2-Color design: “So my goal, as it often is, was to create something that looks simple and smooth. Especially in this case, a dreamcatcher is already a great shape with lots of cool stuff going on typically,” said Whitpan. He said he could’ve really dressed up the design, but in the end, he preferred the simplified version the best.

What is a Thrower Roc? Since 2001, Innova Champion Discs has supported the USDGC through annual donations of premium Rocs. These are reserved exclusively for USDGC fundraising and are among the most desired discs on the collector market. Each year, a small number of these Rocs do not get used for Collector Series releases. Generally, this is due to minor cosmetic imperfections that do not affect the disc's performance. These discs, which vary in age and appearance, become Thrower Rocs. Each Thrower Roc design is unique and was produced in limited quantities exclusively for the USDGC. Each disc has been individually inspected, and registered by the United States Disc Golf Championship. Please Note: Since these are Thrower Rocs, more may be produced based on demand. Discs may include bubbles or flecks in the plastic. The appearance and prevalence will vary.

What's more: Each disc is individually bagged and includes an informational card. The USDGC will receive all of the proceeds from the sale of this disc. Thank you for your support.