USDGC Thrower Roc "Feathers"

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Thrower Rocs are different from the Collector Series Rocs. Each year, a small number of Rocs do not get used for Collector Series releases. Generally, this is due to minor cosmetic imperfections that do not affect the disc's performance or because we simply had extra discs leftover after all collector series Rocs were produced and sold. These discs vary in age and appearance, adding to their mystique, collectability, and appeal. We refer to them simply as “Throwers”.

More about Michael Ramanauskas’ stamp design.

When artist Michael Ramanauskas of British Columbia, Canada, has thought of the Roc bird in the past he’s pictured a creature part mighty raptor and part vulture – something feisty and combative and knowing when to take advantage.  

And Ramanauskas figured that the disc with its namesake shared many of the winged creature’s qualities. That’s where the feathers to this year’s Thrower Roc design comes in.

Ramanauskas, who also designed the XXL Thunderbird, visualized a Roc disc shooting through a tree canopy, busting through limbs and leaves, as feathers rained down to the ground.

“The feathers themselves are heavily referencing the actual wing feathers of both birds, but being worn due to the Roc's aggressive nature to get the job done, find the line, and make the shot,” said Ramanauskas.