USDGC I-Dye Glow Champion Thrower Roc "Mini Seal"

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Thrower Rocs are different from the Collector Series Rocs. Each year, a small number of Rocs do not get used for Collector Series releases. Generally, this is due to minor cosmetic imperfections that do not affect the disc's performance or because we simply had extra discs leftover after all collector series Rocs were produced and sold. These discs vary in age and appearance, adding to their mystique, collectability, and appeal. We refer to them simply as “Throwers”.

More about the I-Dye Roc: Far out, man! It’s the first time a USDGC Thrower Roc or any USDGC Roc, for that matter, has been dyed.

One of Innova’s go-to dyers, Jay Matthes of Jay Bird Discs, produced some eye-popping dye jobs on these Thrower Rocs with Mini USDGC Seal stamp.

Feast your eyes on four kinds of dyes: Stained Glass, Spiral, Transition (rainbow striped), and Star Burst.

You’ll recognize several of these dyes in Innova stock discs. The Stained-Glass dye, however, is fairly rare to see. Matthes said since the Stained-Glass dye takes twice as long and uses more materials, he only does those occasionally.

Rare dye options. It’s one of the perks to being a Partner!