USDGC Hole 5 Champion Rancho Roc

100% of 100

Each disc has been individually inspected, stamped, and bagged. Discs are marked with a numbered holographic sticker that matches the corresponding certificate of authenticity and has been cataloged in the official collector guide for easy reference. Disc colors, stamps, and numbers will be selected at random.

More behind the design:

For the fourth USDGC Champion Roc release of 2017, the iconic Roc is back at Winthrop, perched on Hole 5 as if it’s guarding the hole from any ne'er-do-wells.

Working with the USDGC creative crew, Artist Mike Inscho brought the concept to life, which was originally destined for a Thrower Roc. The intense looking bird is peering back at you, as if to say, “Are you sure you want to go for it?”

Inscho said including Hole 5 was a no brainer.

 “Hole 5 is just so beautiful. I love the tee over the water and the way players have to attack this hole, not to mention the fountain. It really showcases the beauty of Winthrop,” said Inscho.

Inscho has also designed other USDGC Rocs including the “Air Raid”, and Paul McBeth Commemorative stamps. Plus he’s also done a USDGC Roc+ design as well.