USDGC Throw Pink DISCatcher Sport + 3-Pack Combo

100% of 100

Remember the distance exibition at the USDGC? You know the one where players throw across the Winthrop Lake at a group of pink targets in the shape of a ribbon to benefit Throw Pink? Well, here's a refresher:

Now you can own one of these awesome targets used in this iconic USDGC event. The targets have been opened and assembled for the distance event, but are in near perfect condition.

As an added bonus, when you buy the target, you will also receive a bonus Throw Pink 3 pack in a special edition 3 pack box, which inlcudes:

  • A Luster Champion Thunderbird with a 2-color stamp featuring the Winthrop Lake & Shack
  • A Champion Leopard3 with Throw Pink Bubblegum logo stamp
  • A Star Destroyer with the Throw Pink Smiley stamp - from the discs used in the distance competition (disc has not been thrown)
All proceeds from this set will benefit Throw Pink.