Please Note: Actual stamp and disc color combinations will vary from sample images.

Valhalla Star Valkyrie

The Innova Star Valkyrie with the XXL Valhalla design combines a battle proven disc with a new detailed depiction of the popular Valkyrie disc character. Master it and gain entry into the great halls of disc golf.

How this batch of Innova Star Valkyrie feels: Noticeable dome. Neon green and Red 175 are pretty flat. Tasty Star feel.

More about the stamp: It was high time we got an XXL closeup of the revered Valkyrie’s face. Artist Marm O. Set dove right in, providing details you’d never see from afar like the helmet’s allegorical illustration. Like a victory marking on a fighter plane or a college football helmet sticker, the illustration, located near the helmet's back, depicts the Valkyrie in a moment of valor slaying a dragon. The Look: There’s no mistaking the Valkyrie’s intense stare – as if she’s preparing herself for her next foray into the battle. It’s a look that many disc golfers can relate to, says Marm O. Set, whenever they size up a difficult drive on the teepad.

More about the Innova Star Valkyrie disc: At only a 9-speed, the Innova Valkyrie may seem like a sleeper of a distance driver, but this classic neutral to understable driver has tremendous power potential. Don’t forget that for ten years the Valkyrie held the World Distance Record at 820 feet. It’s a great choice for tailwind or downhill drives.